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Toronto HSK Centre [] was established as the first certified test centre in GTA in March 2000 by Chinese Hanban, and became registered non-profit Canadian multicultural organization in May 2012.

For the past ten years, Toronto HSK Centre has successfully held a variety of levels and types of Chinese proficiency tests for thousands candidates, including HSK, HSKK, BCT, YCT, etc. It offers candidates a quiet and comfortable environment, the efficient and quality organization for the tests, and the responsible and professional examination team which has provided candidates great environment to obtain excellent results and has been approved by teachers, candidates and their parents.

Toronto HSK Centre has become the heart of Chinese language teaching, testing, and researching in GTA region. We welcome people from all communities to come here to learn this beautiful language, discuss with each other and take the tests. In order to help candidates understand the purpose and usage of the tests and know how to prepare and complete the tests effectively, we prepared this “Rules for All HSK Candidates” for your reference.

Download HSK Important Instructions at: Important Instructions.pdf

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Annual Testing Dates: Test Date.pdf

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1500 Birchmount Road,Toronto, Ontario, M1P 2G5 Canada
Tel: 416-266 8668
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Contact: Shubo 

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HSK Toronto Centre was officially registered as a Canadian non-profit organization in May of 2012, which was established in March 2000 with authorization from the China National Committee for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) (CNCCPT), having been sponsored by Bond International College.

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  • 1500 Birchmount Road,Toronto, Ontario, M1P 2G5 Canada
  • +1 416-266 8668
  • +1 416-266 8668