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Learn ChineseDouble Your WorldWith well over one billion speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. China, in turn, occupies a unique status in the 21st century as the center of an ancient civilization that is also an increasingly dominant power in global economics and politics. Being master of mandarin definitely means more opportunities than your Children’s peers in future.




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Over the past 4 years our Bond Academy After School Program _ Mandarin Classes have become a great success! All the participants have experienced the charm of Mandarin as well as the unique Chinese culture. Our program is dedicated to introducing mandarin to our Bond Academy students and laying solid foundation for their further study. 

Through our Mandarin Classes students will become interested in mandarin. They will know and use some basic vocabularies and expressions, learn Pinyin(Initials/Finals/Tones, Combinations)and basic character strokes as well as simple characters and become prepared for Youth Chinese Test, an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. 

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Sponsored by Service Canada, Gift Pack to Newcomers


Youth Chinese Talent Panda Summer Camp


With years of successful experiences, HSK Toronto Centre provides the Youth Chinese Talent (YCT) Panda Summer Camp to help Chinese children and teenagers who live in the GTA to learn their heritage language, to maintain their heritage culture and to develop a variety of talents. This year, the camp starts from July 4th to September 2nd (Nine weeks). It is located at 1500 Birchmount RoadScarboroughON. It shares the same facilities with Bond Academy, one of the most popular private schools in Toronto. 

YCT Panda Summer Camp is a heritage language program partly sponsored by Service Canada. The courses include HSK/YCT Test Prep Class, Chinese Language Class, Mad Science, Math Talents, Chinese/Western Instruments, Arts & Handcrafts, and Sports.


Early Bird $148 // Gift Pack to Newcomers // Rewards for Chinese Learning


YCT Panda Summer Camp welcomes students with ages between 3 and 14. Newcomers will get a Gift Pack. Students who enroll in four-week or more can have the Early Bird price $148 (Early Bird pricing ends on May 30th). Students can also get rewards for learning Chinese. 

Ø       Day Camp: $148/week/person; Free care before and after school 

Ø       Half-Day Chinese Classes: $70/week/person; Half-Day Music/Arts/Sports Camp: 10% Off 

Ø       The Ninth week (extended week): Only $99/person. 

Ø       $50 “Panda Gift Pack” to Newcomers.  

Ø       First 30 new students/returned students can get up to $80 rewards.

Ø       HSK/YCT candidates who complete our summer camp may get “Talent Panda Scholarships”. 

Ø       Family Discount, Group Discount, Partner School Discount are available. 

Ø       Rewards for forwarding YCT Panda Summer Camp promo on WeChat. 

To get more promotion, please follow us now on WeChat “HSKToronto” to register various coupons. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HSK Toronto Centre, Ms. Yang at 416-266-8668; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

2016 YCTsummer camp poster

2016 YCTsummer camp flyer

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To see HSK Toronto After School Program, Saturday Program, High School Mandarin Courses please click here.

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HSK Toronto Centre was officially registered as a Canadian non-profit organization in May of 2012, which was established in March 2000 with authorization from the China National Committee for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) (CNCCPT), having been sponsored by Bond International College.

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